How do you play the hand when your holding two cards to the Royal Flush, with one of those cards being the 10?

Do you hold the 10?

The answer may surprise you, let’s check out a few scenarios.

The first hand is simple, we have a Kc Tc 7h 6d 3c –



This is very close, but the Video Poker Assistant tells us the best play is holding the Kc and Tc.

But what if we swap out the Kc for the Ac? Let’s see…


Now the best play is to drop the 10c and just keep the Ac. It’s very close, but the expected value is higher when holding just the Ac.

This is because if you’re holding the Kc and Tc, you can draw to a Royal Flush but you can ALSO draw to a Straight Flush, 9 to K.

With the Ac and Tc, we cannot draw to a Straight Flush, only a Royal Flush so the odds are better to drop the Tc and improve our odds of making all other hands like a Four of a Kind, Full House, etc.

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