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Jun 19, 2024 | Joker Poker, Strategies

What is Joker Poker?

Joker Poker is an exciting, challenging, but very rewarding variation of video poker. Joker Poker is quite different from the standard Jacks or Better because it introduces a 53rd card into the deck, which is a wild Joker card.

If you are lucky enough to be dealt the Joker, you can use the Joker card as any card in the deck. The game will automatically know the best way for you to use the card, so you don’t have to specify what the wild card is.

Because of this new Joker card, there are new hands you can make such as a 5 of a Kind. The game also differentiates between making a Royal Flush with the Joker (pays 80 coins) or without the Joker (pays 250 coins).

You must have a pair of Kings or Better (instead of Jacks) to win your hand.

There’s also a jackpot hand of a Sequential Royal Flush, meaning that if your Royal Flush cards are in order, you win the massive jackpot! The jackpot is typically 10,000 or 20,000 coins (when playing max credits).

Your hand would have to be perfectly sequentially ordered as follows:


But the best thing about Joker Poker is that if you play the correct version of the game that pays 7 for a Full House (instead of 6), and you play optimal Joker Poker strategy, you can achieve a win rate above 100% To be specific, playing perfect strategy delivers a 100.5% win rate at Joker Poker.

You are actually favored to win at this game!!

Compare the Joker Poker pay table (with the favorable pay outs) to the standard Jacks or Better pay table below.

Jacks or Better Paytable

Royal Flush800
Straight Flush50
Four of a Kind25
Full House9
Three of a Kind3
Two Pair2
Jacks or Better1

Joker Poker Pay Table

Natural Royal Flush1,000
Five of a Kind150
Wild Royal Flush80
Straight Flush50
Four of a Kind20
Full House7
Three of a Kind2
Two Pair1
Kings or Better1

This is the ideal online version of Joker Poker that pays out a whopping 100.5% If you play the max credits of 5 coins, you’ll see that you can win 10,000 coins for a Sequential Royal Flush, 4,000 coins for a Royal Flush, and most importantly, 35 coins for a Full House. The pay out of 7 for the Full House makes the win rate of this game above 100%. Over time, you are expected to win money if you play perfect Joker Poker strategy!

The game offered here is the exact same game you can play for real money at the Planet 7 Casino. And as mentioned above, claim our exclusive Planet 7 bonus code FALL285 and get $285 free chip which you can play on Joker Poker!

Ok, to get started, first click the red COINS button and increase that to 5. You can change the BET amount if you wish. Then click the green DEAL button to play.

Joker Poker can be a tricky game so be sure to use our Joker Poker Assistant to ensure you play every hand perfectly! Ask the Joker Poker Assistant what to do before you play your hand.

Joker Poker Payout Odds

HandPayoutProbabilityPayout Odds
Natural Royal Flush1,0000.0000260.025986
Five of a Kind1500.0000930.013978
Wild Royal Flush800.0001060.008451
Straight Flush500.0005750.028767
Four of a Kind200.0085290.170587
Full House70.0156430.109504
Three of a Kind20.1334910.266983
Two Pair10.1106950.110695
Kings or Better10.1401080.140108

Joker Poker has the highest pay out rate of 100.5% if you play the right game (like the one above) and play perfect strategy.

You can find all our recommended casinos that offer this version of Joker Poker here.

Joker Poker Basic Strategy Chart – No Joker

Use the following Joker Poker Strategy Chart if you were NOT dealt a Joker.

RankDealt Hand
1Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House
24 to a Royal Flush
43 of a Kind
54 to a Straight Flush
7Two Pair
9AA or KK
10Suited AQJ, AQT, AJT
114 to a Flush
12QQ, JJ, TT, 99, 88, 77, 66
13Suited JT9, T98
15Suited 987
17Suited 876
19Suited 765
21Unsuited KQJT
223 to a Straight Flush (1 Gap), 3 to a Ace-Low Straight Flush
23Suited AK
24Open Ended Straight Draw (No A or K)
253 to a Straight Flush (2 Gap)
26Suited KQ, KJ, KT
27Unsuited AK
28Suited AQ, AJ, AT
29Single A or K
30Suited QJ, QT, JT
31Nothing - Discard All Cards

Joker Poker Basic Strategy Chart with Joker

The below Joker Poker Strategy Chart assumes you were dealt a Joker (W for Wild Card in the chart). You will ALWAYS hold the Joker card!

RankDealt Hand
15 of a Kind, Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Full House
24 of a Kind
34 to a Wild Royal Flush
44 to a Straight Flush (No Gaps)
64 to a Straight Flush (1 Gap), 4 to a Ace-Low Straight Flush
73 of a Kind
84 to a Straight Flush (2 Gaps)
104 to a Flush w/ A or K
12Suited 87W, 65W
13Suited T9W, 98W, 76W, 54W
14Suited K9W, A5W, A4W, A3W, A2W
15Suited QJW, QTW
16Pair - AW
17Suited T8W, 97W, 86W, 75W, 64W
18Pair - KW
194 to a Flush
20Suited J9W, 63W, 53W, 43W
21Suited J8W, T7W, 96W
22Suited 85W, 74W
23Suited Q9W, 52W, 42W, 32W
24Unsuited KQJW, KQTW, T98W, 987W, 876W, 765W, 654W
25Pair - 7W
26Pair - 8W
27Pair - 6W
28Unsuited JT9W
29Pair - TW
30Pair - 9W
31Unsuited 543W
32Pair - 5W
33Hold W Only

Joker Poker Strategy Exceptions

There may be exceptions to our basic Joker Poker strategy charts outlined above. We always recommend using our Video Poker Assistant to make sure you make the correct play! If you find any exceptions, be sure to post a comment below, thanks!

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