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Royal Flush Full House 3 of a kind
Straight Flush Flush Two Pair
4 of a kind Straight Jacks or Better

How to Use the Video Poker Assistant

The Video Poker Assistant defaults to Jacks or Better and 9/6 Max coins as the settings. You can change the video poker game by clicking on the select box and choosing a different game. We will be adding more video poker variations so please check back!

By changing the video poker game, the most common paytables for that game will automatically get updated. Be sure to select the correct paytable that matches the game you are playing!

If one of our default paytables does not match the game you are playing, you can select VIEW/CHANGE Payouts and manually enter the pay out values to match your game.

It is CRITICAL that the paytable EXACTLY match the game you are playing!


Once you have the proper settings, click directly onto any of the cards. A window will appear showing the 52 card deck. Select the exact 5 cards you have been dealt or would like to test.


Then click the Process button and the Video Poker Assistant will tell you the best way to play this hand! She will also create an image that you can right click and save or share. See below:


Below the image, the Video Poker Assistant also provides a text version showing the calculations and proof of the optimal play. Feel free to copy this text and share it if you wish! Here are the text results from the above hand:

Hold 3s 3h exch Qd Jd 9d EV 4.082
Four 4s, 3s or 2s: 400.00 * 45/16215 = 1.110
Full House: 45.00 * 165/16215 = 0.458
3 of a kind: 15.00 * 1854/16215 = 1.715
Two Pair: 5.00 * 2592/16215 = 0.799
Non-Qualifying: 0.00 * 11559/16215 = 0.000

Hold Qd Jd 9d exch 3s 3h EV 3.908
Straight Flush: 250.00 * 2/1081 = 0.463
Flush: 35.00 * 43/1081 = 1.392
Straight: 25.00 * 30/1081 = 0.694
3 of a kind: 15.00 * 9/1081 = 0.125
Two Pair: 5.00 * 27/1081 = 0.125
Jacks or Better: 5.00 * 240/1081 = 1.110
Non-Qualifying: 0.00 * 730/1081 = 0.000

Hold Qd Jd exch 9d 3s 3h EV 2.859
Royal Flush: 4000.00 * 1/16215 = 0.247
Four 5s – Kings: 250.00 * 2/16215 = 0.031
Full House: 45.00 * 18/16215 = 0.050
Flush: 35.00 * 119/16215 = 0.257
Straight: 25.00 * 159/16215 = 0.245
3 of a kind: 15.00 * 283/16215 = 0.262
Two Pair: 5.00 * 717/16215 = 0.221
Jacks or Better: 5.00 * 5016/16215 = 1.547
Non-Qualifying: 0.00 * 9900/16215 = 0.000


Double Bonus Poker (custom)
Royal Flush: 4000
Straight Flush: 250
Four Aces: 800
Four 4s, 3s or 2s: 400
Four 5s – Kings: 250
Full House: 45
Flush: 35
Straight: 25
3 of a kind: 15
Two Pair: 5
Jacks or Better: 5


You may be surprised with some of the results you see. You may be inclined to think that the Video Poker Assistant is wrong in certain instances. She’s not, you are lol! You should strive to make the best play on every single video poker hand dealt to you. Do not think to play your hand differently hoping to get lucky!

Imagine if a friend had a six-sided dice and offered you a bet on the results. You feel very lucky and confident the roll is going to come up a 6. Your friend is willing to bet you $20 – you pay him if the result comes up a 1, 2, 3, or 4 and he will pay you $20 if the result is a 5 or 6?

Would you ever take this bet? Even if you’re feeling lucky that a 6 is due? This would be a sucker bet because your not playing the odds. Likewise with video poker, everything is based on the odds. So even if you’re feeling lucky and think you can hit that Royal Flush or that Straight Flush – the only thing that matters are the odds and playing the highest EV (Expected Value) play possible.

We hope the Video Poker Assistant will help you become a more intelligent and disciplined video poker player! And remember that you are allowed to use the Video Poker Assistant while you play – either online or in person, it is completely legal! So just visit this page on your mobile device while you’re sitting at the video poker bar in Las Vegas and start winning!

Video Poker Games Supported by the Video Poker Assistant

Jacks or Better

We default our Jacks or Better game to the 9/6 paytable – which is the best odds version of the game, and the version you will find at our recommended online casinos.

Play our free Jacks or Better game here and utilize our Jacks or Better Assistant on the same page.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker introduces a wild Joker card into the deck, creating a 53 card deck. And this version of Joker Poker shown to the left, available at the Planet 7 Casino, pays out a massive jackpot of 10,000 credits (when playing 5) if you hit a Sequential Royal Flush!

LOL, now the odds of hitting that of course is super rare, but because of that slight possibility, Joker Poker is the only video poker game that has an expected payout above 100%!!!

By playing max credits and optimal strategy, you can achieve a return of 100.1063%!

Play our free Joker Poker video poker game here and use our Joker Poker Assistant to play perfect strategy.

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