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Jul 14, 2024 | Bonus Poker, Strategies

What is Bonus Poker?

Bonus Poker is very similar to Jacks or Better, except that Bonus Poker pays less on a Full House and a Flush, but more on certain types of Four of a Kind’s. If you hit four Aces or a Four of a Kind made up of 2’s, 3’s or 4’s, you get paid a big “Bonus”!

With Jacks or Better, all Four of Kind’s pay out 25. In Bonus Poker, you get paid 40 if you have four 2-4’s and 80 if you have four Aces.

Compare the Bonus Poker payouts to the standard Jacks or Better pay outs.

Jacks or Better Paytable

Royal Flush800
Straight Flush50
Four of a Kind25
Full House9
Three of a Kind3
Two Pair2
Jacks or Better1

Bonus Poker Paytable

Royal flush800
Straight flush50
4 aces80
4 2-440
4 5-K25
Full house8
3 of a kind3
Two pair2
Jacks or better1

Example Winning Hands Specific to Bonus Poker

Four of a Kind made of 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s:

Four of Kind made up of 5’s thru K’s:

Play this free Bonus Poker game from our friends at the Raging Bull Casino. This is the same game you would play for real money at Raging Bull, and it’s the best place to play Bonus Poker because it offers the best paytable that we’ve found for this game. While just about all the Bonus Poker machines pay 8 for a Full House and 5 for a Flush, the Bonus Poker game at Raging Bull also pays 80 for four Aces. Most Bonus Poker games pay 75 for 4 Aces!

While this is a small difference, it improves the overall payout of this game. The Bonus Poker game at Raging Bull has an expected payout rate of 99.17%! Redeem the bonus code FREE75 and get a $75 free chip from Raging Bull Casino, no deposit required, and use your free chip on any of the video poker games!

Ok, to start playing just click DEAL to start playing.

As with all video poker games, always play the max credits! Click the red COINS button to increase your credits and to the maximum value of 5.

If you are unsure how to play a particular Bonus Poker hand, enter it into the Bonus Poker Assistant and get advice on the optimal play.

Bonus Poker Payout Odds

HandPayoutProbabilityPayout Odds
Royal flush8000.0000250.019884
Straight flush500.0001070.005342
4 aces800.0001960.015667
4 2-4400.0005270.021090
4 5-K250.0016400.040997
Full house80.0115140.092114
3 of a kind30.0744680.223405
Two pair20.1293080.258616
Jacks or better10.2152590.215259
Total 1.0000000.991660

Achieve a 99.17% payout return when playing this Bonus Poker game along with optimal strategies as suggested by our Bonus Poker Assistant!

Bonus Poker Basic Strategy Chart

This is the Bonus Poker Basic Strategy Chart listing the best hands to worse hands… meaning if your hand falls into several of these listed categories, you keep the hand that ranks highest on this list!

RankDealt Hand
1Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind
24 to a Royal Flush
3Full House, Flush, Straight
43 of a Kind
54 to a Straight Flush
6Two Pair
7High Pair
83 to a Royal Flush
94 to a Flush
10Unsuited KQJT
11Low Pair
124 to Open Ended Straight Draw
133 to a Straight Flush (# of High Cards > Gaps)
14Unsuited AKQJ
152 Suited High Cards
163 to a Straight Flush (# of High Cards = Gaps)
17Inside Straight Draw + 3 High Cards
18Unsuited KQJ
19Unsuited QJ
203 to a Straight Flush (High Cards < Gaps), 3 to a Ace-Low Straight Flush
21Unsuited KQ, KJ
22Suited JT
23Unsuited AK, AQ, AJ
25Suited KT, QT
26K, Q, or J
273 to a Straight Flush (No High Cards, 2 Gaps), Suited 234
28Nothing - Discard All Cards

Our Bonus Poker Basic Strategy Chart will direct you in just about all situations. And, of course, if you are unsure, run the hand through our Bonus Poker Assistant and have her give you the optimal play! And remember that all our Video Poker Assistants can be used on your cellphone or any mobile device while you play!

A common mistake in Bonus Poker is undervaluing a hand that has 4 cards to the Royal Flush. If you are dealt a winning hand such as a Flush, Straight, or a pair of Aces but also have 4 to a Royal Flush, you are always supposed to hold the 4 cards to the Royal Flush!

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