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Jun 19, 2024 | Free Play Online, Joker Poker

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Free Joker Poker Video Poker App

Joker Poker is a much more complicated game than Jacks or Better because it introduces a wild card into the deck. A single Joker card is shuffled in and used as a wild card. The Joker card can be used to complete Flushes, Straights, and allows you to make a 5 of a Kind. You must have a pair of Kings or better to win a hand.

Our free Joker Poker app allows you to play Joker Poker and get immediate feedback on every hand. Our free Joker Poker app keeps track of every correct and incorrect play you make, so you can see where you’re making mistakes.

Playing perfect strategy makes Joker Poker a profitable game! If you find the best Joker Poker machines and play optimal strategy, you can achieve an expected rate of return of 100.5%!

To get started, confirm the Payout structure you would like to play. We default to the 10k/1k/150/80/50/20/7 pay table – which means you get paid 10,000 coins for a Sequential Royal Flush, 1,000 coins for a Royal Flush (Natural), 150 for a Five of a Kind, 80 for a Royal Flush with a Joker, 50 for a Straight Flush, 20 for a Four of a Kind, and 7 for a Full House. The pay outs are based on playing the max 5 credits.

Not all Joker Poker games have these payouts. Many pay only 6 for a Full House – which reduces your win rate by 2%! Avoid these machines when playing for real money and consult our list of where to play Joker Poker here.

Next select the Difficulty setting. The game defaults to Random mode which is just a totally random shuffle. Hard mode is not totally random and skews the deal to offer more challenging scenarios to play. Switch to this mode as soon as you’re comfortable with the game to really test your knowledge of Joker Poker.

The most important aspect to keep track of is the Ans score near the bottom of the app. Avoid getting any red/incorrect answers!

Hit the yellow Deal button to start playing.

Play the optimal version of Joker Poker at a Planet 7 Casino and get a free $285 no deposit bonus when redeeming our exclusive coupon code – FALL285 – play Joker Poker on the house and win real money.

Examples of Joker Poker Winning Hands


Sequential Royal Flush


Royal Flush (Natural)


5 of a Kind


Royal Flush w/ Joker


Straight Flush


4 of a Kind


Full House






3 of a Kind


Two Pair


Kings or Better

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