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Hand 1 coin 2 coins 3 coins 4 coins 5 coins

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Start playing by clicking Deal button.
Click some cards to hold them, then press Draw.

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How to Use the Video Poker Teacher

To get started be sure to select the correct Game and the correct Payout that you would like to practice.

If you are a new to video poker, we recommend leaving the Difficulty set to Random mode. However, once you become more familiar with the game and the proper strategies, we highly recommend setting the Difficulty to Hard mode.

Hard mode provides more challenging scenarios that will really test your knowledge on optimal video poker strategy.

Now that you have the settings ready, click the yellow Deal button to get started!

Just like the video poker machines you’ve played in a casino, click the Hold button for the cards you’d like to keep. Then click the Draw button to discard your unwanted cards and draw replacement cards.

The most important and vital aspect to the Video Poker Teacher is the feedback after you’ve hit the Draw button. The teacher will respond with a green comment, meaning you played the hand correctly, or a red comment meaning you got it wrong!


Also check out the Answers box circled in red. This shows you your score! The goal of using the Video Poker Teacher is not to see how much money or credits you win, but to play the game perfectly. The circled score in the screenshot above shows that I have 3 correct answers and 0 incorrect answers.

Your goal is to always be 100% accurate!

We hope you like our Video Poker Teacher and we hope she makes you a better video poker player!

Games Supported by the Video Poker Teacher

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