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May 13, 2024 | Double Double Bonus Poker, Strategies

What is Double Double Bonus Poker?

Double Double Bonus Poker is a fun and exciting Video Poker variation. It is played similarly to Jacks or Better, but certain hands have much bigger payouts. Double Double Bonus Poker places an emphasis on making 4-of-a-Kind’s, and also takes into account the kicker card (5th card) when getting four Aces, 2s, 3s, or 4s.

Compare the Double Double Bonus Poker paytable to the standard Jacks or Better paytable. Other than the pay out rates, the rules of the game are the same standard rules of 5 Card Draw Poker.

Jacks or Better Pay Table

Royal Flush800
Straight Flush50
Four of a Kind25
Full House9
Three of a Kind3
Two Pair2
Jacks or Better1

Double Double Bonus Poker Pay Table

Royal Flush800
Straight Flush50
Four Aces with any 2,3,4400
Four 2's, 3's, 4's with any A,2,3,4160
Four Aces160
Four 2's, 3's, 4's80
Four 5's through K's50
Full House9
Three of a Kind3
Two Pair1
Jacks or Better1

Practice playing the free Double Double Bonus Poker machine here and if you are unsure on how to play a hand, run it through the Double Double Bonus Poker Assistant below for free advice!

Click DEAL to start playing.

As with all video poker games, your Double Double Bonus Poker strategies start with playing the maximum number of credits. So ALWAYS play 5 coins!

And then always check the payout table of the game your are playing. As you see in this free version of Double Double Bonus Poker, 4 Aces with a 2, 3, or 4 kicker pays out 400 credits per coin. Not all Double Double Bonus Poker games pay that much, some only pay 320 credits for that same hand! Typically, the rest of the payout table remains the same.

The Double Double Bonus Poker game showed here, with this optimal payout table, is available to play for real money at Palace of Chance and Raging Bull Casino.

Double Double Bonus Poker Payout Odds When Playing Perfect Strategy

HandPayoutProbabilityVariancePayout Odds
Royal Flush8000.00002515.650.019608
Straight Flush500.0001100.260.005481
Four Aces with any 2,3,44000.0000629.810.024636
Four 2's, 3's, 4's with any A,2,3,41600.0001433.620.022911
Four Aces1600.0001744.390.027773
Four 2's, 3's, 4's800.0003842.400.030752
Four 5's through K's500.0016303.920.081509
Full House90.0108600.700.097740
Three of a Kind30.0752650.300.225795
Two Pair10.1230640.000.123064
Jacks or Better10.2113220.000.211322

Achieve a 98.98% payout return when playing Double Double Bonus Poker with this payout table, along with optimal strategies as suggested by our Video Poker Assistant!

Double Bonus Poker Strategy Chart

Below is our Double Bonus Poker Basic Strategy Chart which ranks the hands in the order that you should play them. In other words, you will be dealt a hand that falls into many of the categories below, but hold the cards that make the highest ranked hand.

For example, let’s say your are dealt:

According the Double Bonus Strategy Chart, 3 Aces ranks higher than the Full House, so the optimal play is to discard the pair of Kings and go for 4 Aces!

RankDealt Hand
1Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind
24 to a Royal Flush
33 Aces
4Full House, Flush, Straight
53 of a Kind
64 to a Straight Flush
7Two Pair
8Pair of Aces
9Suited KQJ, QJT
10High Pair (KK, QQ, JJ)
124 to a Flush
134 to Open Ended Straight Draw
14Pair of 22, 33, 44
15Suited QJ9, JT9
17Unsuited AKQJ
183 to a Straight Flush (High Cards >= Gap), 3 to a Ace-Low Straight Flush
19Inside Straight Draw + 3 High Cards
203 to a Flush + 2 High Cards
21Suited AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, KJ, QJ
223 to a Straight Flush (1 Gap), 3 to a Ace-Low Straight Flush
23Inside Straight Draw + 2 High Cards
243 to a Straight Flush (2 Gap + 1 High Card)
25Unsuited KQJ, QJT
26Inside Straight Draw + 1 High Card
27Suited JT
28Unsuited QJ
293 to a Flush + 1 High Card
30Suited QT
313 to a Straight Flush (2 Gap)
323 to a Flush + 1 High Card
33Unsuited KQ, KJ
34Single Ace
35Suited KT
36High Card - K, Q, J
37Inside Straight Draw
383 to a Flush (No High Cards)
39Nothing - Discard All Cards

Double Double Bonus Poker Strategies

Because a four of a kind with Aces pays such a premium in this game, it offers one of the rare scenarios where we break up 2 pair and just keep the pair of aces.

If we were dealt any other two pair, with neither of those pairs being Aces, then we would hold the two pair and hope to draw to a full house.

In Jacks or Better, if you are dealt three unsuited high cards, with one of those cards being an Ace, you should normally drop the Ace and keep the other two high cards.

However, in Double Double Bonus Poker, we provide extra value towards Aces, so the correct play is to keep the Ace and drop the other two high cards.

See the example.

This one is fairly obvious but needs to be pointed out because players have made this mistake! If you are dealt a four of a kind, either Aces or 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s, be sure to not automatically hold all five cards in your excitement! Your kicker card is extremely important!

You want to hold or draw a 2, 3, or 4 if you are holding four Aces. And you want to hold or draw a A, 2, 3, or 4 if you are holding four 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s.

We’ve seen people in the heat of the moment automatically hold all 5 cards and not give themselves a chance to draw that kicker card that dramatically increases the payout, so just be mindful of the kicker if dealt a four of a kind!

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