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Jun 22, 2024 | Bonus Poker, Free Play Online

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Free Bonus Poker App

Play our free Bonus Poker app and master this version of video poker! Bonus Poker differs from Jacks or Better by paying an extra bonus when making a Four of a Kind of Aces, or a Four of a Kind of 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s.

To get started, confirm the Payout structure you would like to play.

Our free Bonus Poker video poker app defaults to a 50/80 paytable. This means that this game pays 50 credits for a Straight Flush and 80 credits for 4 Aces. This is the best pay out table we’ve found for Bonus Poker online. Not all Bonus Poker machines pay this rate, many pay 50 coins for a Straight Flush but only 75 for 4 Aces!

Then select the Difficulty setting. It defaults to Random mode which is a pure random shuffle. However, we suggest switching the Difficulty setting to Hard mode once you start getting a hang of the game. Our unique Hard mode setting deals more challenging scenarios that require more difficult decision making!

Keep track of the green and red numbers at the bottom of the game, this tracks the number of correct and incorrect answers you’ve provided. Strive for a 100% accuracy rating.

To start playing, hit the yellow Deal button and learn from your mistakes!

If you want to play Bonus Poker online for real money, we suggest playing at Raging Bull Casino which offers a 50/80 paytable for Bonus Poker. This version of Bonus Poker has a payout rate of 99.17%! Sign up to Raging Bull and claim the promo code FREE75 for a $75 free chip, no deposit required, eligible to be played on all the video poker games!

If you find a Bonus Poker game with higher pay outs, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Get a $75 no deposit bonus from Raging Bull Casino and use it on the real money Bonus Poker video poker games! Redeem the no deposit promo code FREE75 to claim your free chip and play Bonus Poker on the house!

Examples of Bonus Poker Winning Hands


Royal Flush


Straight Flush


4 of a Kind – Aces


4 of a Kind – 2s,3s,4s


4 of a Kind – 5s thru Ks


Full House






3 of a Kind


Two Pair


Jacks or Better

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